Faq’s & Guidelines2020-05-03T02:29:33+05:30


  • Keep on mute until you want to talk
  • Keep your videos off generally
  • Sit in distraction free environment
  • Use headphone for better reception
  • In case you are finding connectivity issues and other are not, go to a place which has better connectivity
  • Regularly login during the school hours and other times of the day for live lectures and homework or accessing the content

Frequently Asked Questions

How is EdFly Learn different from the learning solutions offered by other software vendors?2020-04-24T12:01:17+05:30

EdFly Learn is a comprehensive Online Learning Management Software, which not only provides options to host live lectures for teachers but also covers all other teaching exercises like lecture scheduling, lesson planning, content sharing with students etc.

The same EdFly Learn LMS for institutes gives a holistic education management portal. Our Learning Management Software allows the integration of administrative processes like formal documentation, performance tracking and strengthening teacher-student collaboration.

What kind of support do you offer? Do you provide 24/7 support?2020-04-24T12:02:22+05:30

Our Call Center timings: 

We are available from 9 AM to 7 PM IST. (Monday – Saturday)

Does EdFly Learn support Multilingual Interface?2020-04-24T15:40:56+05:30

No, Our technical team is currently working on it.

Is Edfly Learn LMS responsive and Mobile Friendly?2020-04-24T15:43:05+05:30

Yes, the EdFly Learn website is mobile-friendly as the interface is optimised according to the specific needs of all the users. The LMS maintains a good response time for its customers.

How to implement it?2020-04-25T11:11:37+05:30

EdFly Learn is easy to use with minimal setup time. You can Register yourself from the link lms.edflylearn.com. On registration, you will have your own active user ID. You can then sign in to the EdFly Learn Portal anytime you want and use a variety of features for effective virtual learning.