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EdFly Learn aims to fulfill the respective needs of all the members in an educational ecosystem. The state-of-the-art LMS organises content in one location for the comfort of educators. This is a robust software for school administration to lead in the aspects of formal documentation, performance tracking and strengthening the process of e-learning.


Every individual sharing an interest in the field of education can leverage the innovative e-learning experience of EdFly Learn. They can be institutes, teachers, students and even parents.

EdFly Learn for Teachers

Every teacher can give out their maximum if other teaching related tasks are simplified. Using EdFly Learn, teachers can:

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  • Give live lectures in a virtual classroom;

  • Plan their lessons on a prior basis;

  • Assign virtual tasks as homework;

  • Share online references like videos, presentations, PDFs;

  • Individually guide every student;

  • Experiment more innovative ways for creative learning.

EdFly Learn for Institute

All the necessary requirements for systematic schooling are available. Employing EdFly Learn, an institute can:

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  • Offer a more personalised way of learning;

  • Increase the availability of content;

  • Maintain online attendance records;

  • Prepare digital study curriculum;

  • Assess the performance of faculties and students;

  • Strengthen teacher-student collaboration;

  • Improve parent involvement in schooling;

  • Provide a modern structure to education.

EdFly Learn for Students

Every student feels the urge to learn from the best resources available. EdFly Learn allows the students to:

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  • Interact better with their educators;

  • Easily access online ed-content anytime at a centralised location;

  • Acquire seamless learning;

  • Clarify doubts and related issues on a digital platform;

  • Engage in online projects;

  • Enjoy studies in a more interesting environment;

  • Save time for other skill development activities.


EdFly Learn provides its users with optimum management tools to enhance the overall virtual classroom learning experience.

Live Lecture & Discussion

Feel the essence of sharing knowledge live over an Internet-enabled platform. Effective discussion engages the students to earn lessons with EdFly Learn.

Virtual Classroom

A disciplined atmosphere supports intuitive education. Teach your students in a tech-enabled, seamlessly interactive virtual classroom.

Personalised Lesson Planning

A teacher systematically moulds a student’s life. Using EdFly Learn, teachers can personally plan their lesson structures that are best-suited to student needs.

Digitized Study Material

Employ the best college management software to methodically share online study material via rich formats: Video, Image, PPT, PDF, Text. Options to share lecture notes are available.

Online Assignments

Student-teacher engagement is intensified by the means of online assignments. Teachers can give out a diverse range of virtual assignments to keep the students occupied.

Automated Performance Assessment

EdFly Learn makes it easy to assess the performance of the classes and adjudge prominent changes that can be made.


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